A Celtic mid-Winter Celebration

Join Irish native Áine Minogue accompanied by world class Celtic musicians on a spellbinding musical journey through the traditional customs of Ireland and its rich musical traditions and even deeper roots in mid-Winter Celtic traditions, customs and lore. Experience this season of contemplative reflection through Celtic Music and Song. Welcome!

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Christmas Traditions

So you Want to have an Irish Christmas?
So you Want to have an Irish Christmas?
So you want to have an Irish or Celtic Christmas.Here are 10 ways to do it and they relate directly...
Celtic Blessings for Christmas
Celtic Blessings for Christmas
Some lovely Celtic and Irish Blessings for Christmas and the New Year! This one is really popular for...

Live Performances

An enchanting evening of music, storytelling, and tradition. Mixing music and poetry, this show embodies a contemplative mood and features music tailored to the celebration of Celtic mid-Winter traditions. More Information.