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Christmas Traditions


So, you want to have an Irish Christmas? Learn the how, and even the why with these short articles. From Irish Blessings for Christmas to Gaelic Blessings for the New Year, you can learn about Irish traditions from decorating the house with holly to hunting the wren on St. Stephen's Day; from making Irish plum pudding to putting a candle in the window on Christmas Eve for the passing stranger. Read about Newgrange and enjoy our Christmas reading list and Irish Christmas poetry, as well as Irish Carols. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

So you Want to have an Irish Christmas?
So you want to have an Irish or Celtic Christmas.Here are 10 ways to do it and they relate directly to ancient customs and traditions.
Celtic & Irish Christmas Reading List
A partial Celtic Christmas reading list for your enjoyment!Clicke here if you would like to listen to Greensleeves while your check out our reading list. It isiavailalbe on the CD, "The Spirit of Christmas" here.
Celtic & Irish Poetry for Christmas and Wintertime
To Warm Your Winter's Night.Please enjoy our selection of Celtic Christmas poetry and verse in celebration of Celtic mid-Winter traditions and customs.
Newgrange and Ireland in Winter
Long before there was a Christmas, the ancient Irish celebrated the Winter Solstice. The true secrets of how rests with the stones, the stones at Newgrange, a site over 5000 years old that predates both Stonehenge and the ancient pyramids. Once a year, this dark tomb floods with light at the winter solstice to illuminate the beautiful Celtic spirals on the stones. What was celebrated here and why...
Caroling in the Celtic Tradition
Carol: A dance or a song of praise and joy. Originally, the term carol described a song meant for dancing, especially to honor the changing of the seasons, not just the winter season, but every season. Carols were sung and danced in Spring (Beltaine) Summer (Lughnasadh) and Autumn (Samhain).