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Christmas Traditions


So, you want to have an Irish Christmas? Learn the how, and even the why with these short articles. From Irish Blessings for Christmas to Gaelic Blessings for the New Year, you can learn about Irish traditions from decorating the house with holly to hunting the wren on St. Stephen's Day; from making Irish plum pudding to putting a candle in the window on Christmas Eve for the passing stranger. Read about Newgrange and enjoy our Christmas reading list and Irish Christmas poetry, as well as Irish Carols. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

The Kilmore Carols in Ireland
The Kilmore CarolsThe Kilmore carols are a haunting and beautiful collection of Christmas carols from the village of Kilmore in County Wexford (Ireland). In the depths of harsh winter, a reminder of sacred celebration invests these beautiful old melodies, many of which are sung to this day in the village of Kilmore and elsewhere. You can listen to the "The Darkest Midnight," arguably the best...
"Little Christmas" in Ireland & the 12 Days of Christmas
Little ChristmasThe Twelve Days of Christmas in Ireland commence on Christmas Day and culminate with the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th, also referred to as Nollaig na mBan (Women's Christman) or Little Christmas.Click here to hear "I Saw Three Ships" from the CD "Spirit of Christmas" available here.The single MP3 track is available here (track 3)
Learn Celtic & Irish Christmas Blessings in Gaelic
FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS, the gift of the Irish language.... Or regale your friends at your annual gatherings by reciting a Blessing in Gaelic!Learn to say "'Merry Christmas" in Gaelic: It's 'Nollaig Shona Duit' pronounced as "null-ig hun-a ditch" Happy, Happy! Nollaig faoi mhaise duit (daoibh).Merry Christmas to you (you plural).Click to hear Áine say this Celtic Christmas Blessing.
The Candle in the Window & the Laden Table in Ireland at Christmas
Leaving a Candle in the Window was a common tradition on Christmas Eve in Ireland. At its heart it was a symbol of hospitality signaling any stranger that they were welcome to the house and that none would be turned away. For food and fireAnd candlelight The Travellers’ blessingOn us this nightClick here to hear "Óiche Chuain" (Silent Night) from the CD "The Spirit of Christmas" available here...
St. Stephen's Day in Ireland & Hunting the Wren
St Stephen's Day and Hunting the Wren in rural Ireland at Christmas time.In modern times, the practice of "hunting the wren" involves musicians roaming from gathering to gathering and "passing the hat" on "St. Steven's Day." (Dec. 26th) as they entertain friends and neighbors.Discover the rich and varied history of "hunting the ran" and this tiny's birds mighty place in the mythology of the Celts...