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Irish Christmas Pudding Recipe


Irish Plum Pudding Recipe

Ingredients and directions for making.

Christmas Pudding

Plum pudding has been traditional in most Irish homes and is generally served later in the day on Christmas day together with a custard and the indespensibe cup of tea! And of course a sprig of holly on top.

In Ireland, it is often prepared monts in advance of Chrismas Day and it would not be unusual to start preparations as early as Spring. Generous amounts of alcohol are often poured over the concoction, usually brandy and on the day itself, you can even set it alight!

You will need:

3 oz self raising flour

6 oz Sugar

6 oz butter

3 Eggs

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp Mixed Spice

Pinch of Salt

8 oz sultanas

8 oz cherries

4 oz mixed peel

1/2 pint Guinness or 1/2 cup whiskey

8 oz Ground Almonds


Combine dry ingredients i.e. flour, salt, and spices (nutmeg, mixed & cinnamon)

Lightly beat the eggs

Cream butter and sugar then add eggs until mixed well

Fold in the mixed dry ingredients (as listed above)

Add the dried fruit and nuts (raisins, sultans, cherries, almonds and mixed peel) and mix well

Pour on the Guinness (or alcohol) and leave to stand overnight with a cover.


It can be steamed for or up to several hours, between five and twelve depending on your taste and the alcohol used. Guinness could use five hours. If you prefer whiskey, the sky’s the limit!

Stovetop Method

To steam on the stove, make a steam bath for the pudding by placing in a greased container and covering with foil or greaseproof paper. Secure with tinfoil and elastic band or string. Place the container in a larger saucepan and fill half way up with water. The pan will need to be topped up regularly with boiling water.

Oven Method

Simply place the covered secured contained in a steam bath at 300 degrees in the oven for the same cooking times. The “bath” will not require “topping up” with water nearly as much as on the stove top, if at all.


Finally, everyone gets to enjoy this age old recipe! To re-heat, the microwave is always an option. But to remain true to tradition, the old fashioned steaming methods will also work. So keep your steam baths out and put them on for about two hours. outlined above for about 2 hours and serve with custard, cream or ice cream. Of course that comes with a spig of holly on top!

Traditionally, this dish is served a few hours after dinner since it’s quite filling!

the very brave have been known to pour some alcohol on top and set it on fire. Good Luck!

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