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To Warm the Winter's Night - a Celtic mid-Winter Celebration

Aine Minogue

Áine Minogue in Concert

"With familiar carols and wintry Celtic ballads, tales, and poetry, her holiday concerts become a lilting, lulling way to make sweet sense of the season."
- Boston Globe

Áine Minogue, Irish harp and vocals
Eugene Friesen, Cello and Vocals
Scott Petito, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Noriko Terada, Percussion
Options: HD videos of winter scenery

This Pan-Celtic odyssey is an enchanting evening of music, storytelling, and tradition. Mixing music and poetry with the option of video containing magnificent winter scenery, this show embodies a contemplative mood and features music tailored to the celebration of Celtic mid-Winter traditions. By turns solemn and joyous, "To Warm the Winter's NIght' offers an emotional and evocative musical experience and is a wonderful alternative to the usual winter or holiday fare.

Aine Minogue

"The concert was nothing less than an enchanting evening of music, storytelling, in the Celtic tradition. When Áine Minogue is back in town, drop everything and go to see her."
- Band Review, Gina Hamilton, Costal Journal, Maine, 2007

"Áine's annual holiday show at Passim is something that we've grown to count on. A show with great talent that's always full, no matter what night we put it on. A pleasure!"
- Solo Review; Matt Smith, Club Passim, Cambridge

"...a magical evening of music, story and song..."
- Bank Review: Rue Dune, Chocolate Church, Bathe, Maine

"ethereal voice and virtuoso playing…. Her pure tones stir the air like the beating of countless seraphim wings. Clearly, this is a voice that has never been earthbound. To hear Aine Minogue sing is to loose all worldly cares."
- Solo Review: Sylvia Smith, Newport This Week, Rhode Island

"A charming show in keeping with the spirit of the season. A true audience pleaser. People return year after year..."
- Band Review: Waterville Opera House, Waterville, ME

"Tipperary-born harpist-singer Aine Minogue takes seasonal music deep beneath the tinsel, bargain sales, and "ho-ho-ho" of today's noisome Christmases, back to when this was a time for deep quiet, the ancient tug of memory, and huddling together against the dark chill of midwinter. Her December shows, like her hushed and lovely holiday CD, "To Warm the Winter's Night" (Evergreen), are cherished rituals for many local folkies. Now she has a whisper-pretty new instrumental CD, "Celtic Meditation Music" (Sounds True), guaranteed to put you in that warm-flannel, dark-chocolate mood any time of the year."
- Boston Globe


Details of Upcoming Shows and Presenter Resources are available at Minogue.com.

You can contact Áine to discuss show details by using our Contact Form or 781.641.0903.