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The Spirit of Christmas CD (with DruidStone)
Experience a true Celtic Christmas! Holiday favorites such as "Away In a Manger" are paired with Scotland's beloved "Southwind," to create a truly authentic blend. A special section has been written for I Saw Three Ships and is married to an Irish Chant...
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Winter, Compilation CD with bonus DVD
Layering magnificent images of winter scenery from Ireland and New England with evocative dreamlike sequences in a candlelit castle, these eleven mini-films tell the story of winter. Winter, A Meditation is perfect as a companion for relaxation, meditation...
Price: $15.99
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To Warm The Winter's Night CD
"A Tender Holiday Masterpiece" Boston Globe Sheetmusic available here. Shipping is free on all CDs.
Price: $14.99
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Celtic Christmas Music 1 MP3s
The Classics. Six of these ten classic carols have been paired with beautiful Celtic melodies, making for a truly authentic Celtic Christmas! Performed by a constellation of the best Irish stars on either side of the Atlantic, this album honors tradition...
Price: $9.90
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Celtic Christmas Music 2 MP3s
A Winter's Journey. Join us as we travel through the Celtic countries on a mid-Winter journey; through Ireland, Staffordshire, Brittany (the Celtic are of France) and the Isle of man. Click on the links below to discover more about the rich traditions...
Price: $10.89
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